Thursday, June 20, 2024

BCA, MVA Sign Three-Year Partnership Agreement

Botswana Cycling Association (BCA) has signed a significant three-year partnership agreement with the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund Botswana. The partnership was signed on May 28, 2024. BCA president Kagiso Potongwane has hailed the partnership as ‘a landmark collaboration which marks a pivotal moment in the efforts to enhance road safety and prevent accidents within Botswana.’ 

Potongwane says cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users and the collaboration will help in improving their safe mobility on the roads. Through the partnership, the aim is to promote shared road safety responsibility among road users to prevent accidents.

The BCA president says under this partnership, both BCA and MVA Fund will leverage their respective strengths and resources, to amplify awareness while also undertaking educational initiatives aligning with their strategic objectives. 

“BCA is committed to promoting cycling not only as a sport but also as a vehicle for promoting health and mobility throughout Botswana. Through joint efforts with the MVA Fund, cyclists will facilitate educational opportunities and encourage participation in road safety awareness campaigns, emphasising the crucial role of cyclists in ensuring safer roads,” Potongwane explained. 

As part of the deal, it is said the MVA Fund has pledged to provide resources and expertise needed in enhancing Road Safety Awareness initiatives undertaken by the BCA. 

Potongwane said as the BCA, they are grateful to the Management of the MVA Fund for their collaboration and commitment. The BCA went on to add that the partnership will be very crucial to push the cycling association’s objectives. He further said the renewal of the partnership agreement signifies a shared dedication to making meaningful strides towards a safer community.

Furthermore, the BCA president said the partnership between the BCA and the MVA Fund represents a commendable initiative that underscores the power of collaboration in promoting road safety and advancing societal well-being.

MVA Fund and BCA have been doing partnerships with the aim to raise awareness among road users on road traffic safety to curb the rising number of road traffic accidents. 

From this partnership, the MVA fund will use BCA structures to reach out to as many road users and communities as possible to teach them about road safety as well as promoting cycling.


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