Friday, April 16, 2021

BCP and BAM go Nkate’s head

It would seem like the Botswana Congress Party and Botswana Alliance Movement are not looking back with regard to their impending marriage.

Information reaching The Sunday Standard is that following last week’s congresses which endorsed a working relationship between the two, BAM leadership are expected to travel to Maun in the near future to further consult and explain to their members there on the broad benefits they are likely to reap from a collaboration operation with BCP.

At Maun, the BAM leadership is also expected to confer with their founding leader, Motsamai Mpho, who has effectively become the party’s political godfather.

Maun and most of the Ngami and Okavango areas are BAM’s stronghold.

The BCP has indicated its readiness to embrace BAM by going an extra mile to meet BAM’s demands if only to unseat the ruling Botswana Democratic Party in a number of key constituencies.

As a gesture of goodwill, BCP has agreed before hand to give BAM the Ngami constituency.

One constituency that the BCP has in mind, and insist they want to take over from the BDP is Ngamiland currently held by Jacob Nkate who is also the ruling party Secretary General.

“Jacob Nkate is the prized trophy we are targeting in the next elections. Taking the constituency from him will hurt the BDP most,” said one BCP leader.
In the last general elections the BDP polled 5291.

BCP and BAM’s combined vote stood at 6283.

Under the envisaged BCP/BAM pact still being hatched out, BAM will be given the constituency, in return for supporting BCP in the Nkange areas.

BAM has a significant following in the Nkange areas with a number of councilors.

The aim there is that if the two parities joined forces behind the increasingly popular BCP Chairman Batisani Maswibilili, the current sitting MP and Assistant Minister, Ambros Masalila could eat dust.

Meanwhile, the Botswana National Front spokesperson Moeti Mohwasa has called “irresponsible and unfortunate” attacks on his party by Gil Saleshando and Lepetu Setshwaelo, BCP and BAM presidents respectively.

The two had accused the BNF of sabotaging opposition unity, with Setshwaelo going as far as to call on voters to stop voting for the BNF.

Mohwasa said it is unfortunate the comments by the two opposition leaders come at a time when the second phase of opposition talks is about to begin.

The convener of the talks, Lebang Mpotokwane, recently called the presidents of the parties.
Otsweletse Moupo of the BNF did not attend.

Mohwasa says Moupo was held up but sent in the National Chairman.
“It’s not like we sent a junior person to the meeting. A National Chairman is a very senior person in our party,” said Mohwasa.


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