Wednesday, December 6, 2023

BCP attacks “cold hearted” Khama over BCL

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) Vice President Kesitegile Gobotswang on Monday described President Ian Khama as a man without a parent’s heart.

Gobotswang who was in his element further described Khama as a clueless leader who knows nothing about his responsibilities as Head of State and a man who is a leader of a government of lies.

Gobotswang who was speaking at a press conference addressed by the party leadership said his party is disappointed that given the prevailing situation where the country was forced to close down the Copper Nickel Mine in Selibe Phikwe, Khama remains mum on the issue.

The BCP said Khama as a parent is expected to pay a visit to the people of Phikwe and those affected to address them about the Selibe Phikwe situation and what plans Government has going forward.

“Khama does not have a parent heart. He should at least try to act like a parent. He must be serious about his responsibilities as the Head of State. He is not starting now. We know previously we had situations that needed his interventions but he just sat there and watched. We are saying this is now out of order,” said Gobotswang.

The BCP says the Selibe Phikwe situation is a big crisis to which Khama as the President should personally be taking the lead in finding the solutions instead of him investing much energy in judging and attacking neighbouring countries.

“All what Khama knows best is poking his nose in other countries internal matters. He is quick to judge and comment on situations that totally do not concern him, situations that are not of priority to this country while at the same time he fails to speak to situations from his own country,” Gobotswang said.

He went on to say that the Botswana Congress Party highly values the relationship with countries surrounding Botswana especially because Botswana is a landlocked country.

“It is very important that when we talk about our neighbouring countries we consider and nurture the relationship that we are having with them. We are aware of what he said about Zimbabwe recently. We are also aware of his position after the Republic of South Africa took a decision to leave the International Criminal Court (ICC),” said Gobotswang.

He said that President Khama must know that when a country has a relationship with other countries and there is an issue with that particular country, as a state Botswana cannot just shout like someone shouting from the streets.

“There are procedures and processes that must be followed. This is all hypocrisy. We can never agree on issues all the time but it does not necessarily mean that if we do not agree we have to attack other countries,” said Gobotswang.


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