Tuesday, May 21, 2024

BCP firebrands take swipe at Nasha

Botswana Congress Party fire brands, Lotty Manyapetsa and Chilyboy Rakgare, have described former National Speaker Margret Nasha as a liar who only put her personal interests first.

The two men told a rally in Maruapula on Sunday that Nasha only asked for support from the opposition parties when it was only convenient for her. They said she never stood up for Batswana but only appeared when her position was at stake.

“Who is this Nasha who wanted support from the opposition for the speaker position? We are talking about the same Nasha who is a thief. We have these kind of people in the ruling Botswana Democratic Party who steal from our country and after they have satisfied their personal interests they write books. Nasha did that. It was not the first time it happened, Magang also did the same thing previously,” Lotty Manyapetsa said as he opened his attack on Nasha.

Manyapetsa said Nasha was part of the ruling BDP from the beginning, therefore she has no right to think she is better than other members of the BDP.

“What is wrong with these people? When they get old they start to think they are better and cleaner than their friends in the BDP. I do not feel pity that Nasha lost the position of the national speaker.

Talking about Nasha, I will give an example that best describes her. When two thieves are getting away with a bag of money and the other one kills the other, at the end of the day they are all thieves. We cannot feel sorry for the dead one. That example describes Nasha,” Manyapetsa said.
Rakgare, who lost to Sedirwa Kgoroba in Mogoditshane, said he has been with the BDP for two years and he understands the party and the kind of person Nasha is.

“There comes an old lady with grey hair asking for support and votes from the opposition parties for the speaker position. To my surprise the UDC were happy saying that they want her as the speaker of the national assembly. I have been with the BDP for two years. Not within my two years as the member of the BDP had Nasha stood up in any congress to say Parliament was not independent, not even a single time. Nasha has never stood to say BDP and Khama are impoverishing Batswana,” said Rakgare.

He added that he failed to understand why Nasha would portray herself as a better person than the other members of the ruling BDP.

“Now she wants to be better than whom in the BDP? She is a trickster who wanted the position and money for her personal benefits. There is only one person who stood up and tried to voice out the issues that affect Batswana. It’s Daniel Kwelagobe, he is the only MP in the BDP who could differ with Khama and even tell Khama that he is not doing things right. Nasha has never done that,” Rakgare said.

He further said Nasha cannot come out to speak about the independence of parliament now and that the decisions taken by Parliament affect Batswana.

“All these years she couldn’t see the importance of that and she couldn’t voice that out. This is all lies, she only wanted power,” said Rakgare.


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