Sunday, June 23, 2024

BCP taking aim at Masire

Botswana Congress Party is determined to challenge former President Sir Ketumile Masire to explain how he acquired his ostriches.

BCP says when they question President Ian Khama about the land that he currently holds Masire will not be left out as he will also be asked to account for his birds. Speaking at a rally over the weekend BCP firebrand Lotty Manyapetsa who is one of the young members mandated to respond to accusations and insults levelled to the party and its leader said he does not see himself one day acknowledging Masire and Festus Mogae as statesmen.
He said the two have done nothing remarkable for this country.

“Unlike the Umbrella for Democratic Change who say they do not have any problem with Botswana Democratic Party but Khama, we as the BCP have long opposed the BDP while it was under Masire rule. Our problem is not Khama only but Khama and the BDP. We are against the BDP rule. For UDC Masire is a hero, when we investigate where Khama got the land we are also going to question Masire on where got his ostriches. As far as we are concerned Masire is not clean just like Khama,” he said.

Speaking to The Telegraph in an interview Masire said he followed all the procedures available to acquire the birds.

“I do not know what they mean when they ask where I got the ostriches, where do those who have cattle get them. One does not need to be a president to acquire ostriches. There are certain numbers a year that the Ministry of wildlife and Tourism allow for hunt of ostriches. You do not go in the forest and start hunting ostriches. There are procedures to be followed and as far as I am concerned I have followed those procedures.”

Masire said he is not the only one who is keeping ostriches, “these birds are not there for certain people, they are there for anyone to own them as long as the right procedures are followed. I am not the only one who has them; there are people I know who are keeping the birds at places like Maun, Francistown, Nata and so on,” he said.


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