Thursday, June 13, 2024

BCP threatens to take government to court

Botswana Congress Party President Dumelang Saleshando says they are considering taking government o court to challenge a number of President Khama’s recent decisions. Addressing a press conference at the National Productivity Center on Thursday, Saleshando said he will be writing to the Attorney General as leader of opposition asking her to explain the constitutionality of the recent Cabinet changes assuming that Venson Moitoi who it was recently announced has been relieved from her duty as Minister of Education and Skills Development remains a Cabinet Minister following the appointment of Vincent Seretse. He said the Attorney General has to explain what the implication on this is regarding the Ministerial offices (maximum number) Act which limits the number of Ministers to 16.

Saleshando also wants the AG to shed light on the legislative and constitutional basis of the Green Book which was recently amended by Khama to grant himself powers to selectively award benefits to retired Vice President, Speaker of National Assembly, ministers, assistant ministers and leader of opposition. Saleshando insists that retirement benefits are determined by an Act of Parliament and that introduction of special retirement packages for other politicians without reference to president infringes on the principle of separation of powers. The President has acted beyond his powers, he argued.


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