Thursday, July 7, 2022


Botswana Congress Party Youth League (BCPYL) wishes to join the nation and other stakeholders in showing support for the Zebras’ players in their quest for the BWP100 000 they need before they leave for the Africa’s Spectacular Football showpiece in 2012. The AFCON 2012 will see the Zebras face one of the football power houses in the continent and there could not be any better motivation than good incentives and full preparations. For some people to say players must justify their demand for BWP100 000 each is rather an unfortunate situation and uninspiring.

The BCPYL strongly believe that the boys deserve this money and we pledge to lead the nation by endorsing that all which is demanded by our national heroes is genuine and understandable.

Therefore the BFA must also take the lead by lobbying and convincing the entire nation why the players are asking for this much. By qualifying for the AFCON alone, the players have made history and should be celebrated by being given all the necessary support whether in the form of money, equipment and or infrastructure so that they are equal to the task we demand them do undertake at the 2012 tournament. The BFA should be in the process, at the moment of mobilizing all the needed aspects that would make our boys perform to the outmost level at the AFCON so that they could match other players playing their trades in major leagues in Europe. Players must not be distracted from playing competitively against the best in the continent because they have some off fields incidences that could have been resolved only if we as a nation remain united and provide support to our Zebras.

The BCPYL also proposes that the players’ appearance fee must be raised from P2 000 to P4 000 and the draw bonus must be P1 000 while the winning bonus should be P2 000. We also believe that because of the following reasons the national team deserves to be assisted with everything they need.

The Zebras was the first team to qualify for the 2012 AFCON before any other team in the continent.
This is the first Zebras team to do so ever since Botswana participated in the qualifying campaigns for AFCON and so this is their maiden appearance. So this makes them eternal heroes.
The Zebras had a successful campaign during the qualifiers losing only to Togo in the last game of qualifiers.

In recent games (last five) the national team showed some brave and convincing performances especially against the likes of Nigeria and Niger

The team has been assembled for a long time now and the boys have played together in years hence retaining consistency which is a good factor in measuring a team’s chances of success in major tournaments.

Other players playing in the AFCON 2012 earn twice as much as what is demanded by our players and always ooze with lots of confidence when playing, therefore they normally deliver for their respective clubs and national teams

National heroes deserve respect and rewards of any kind and they should be given without any conditions especially when on national duty.

The BFA, BNSC and government especially must provide sound leadership and see to it that the money needed by players is raised within time.
So the government must take some money from its annual contingency budget to finance this campaign
Finally, BCPYL believes that issues of quality accommodation, food, equipment and preparations will be sorted out before our boys set foot in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.


The BCPYL wishes to inform the BFA and its president Mr David Fani that it does not recognize him and wants him to relieve himself of his duties with immediate effect. This comes after it came to our attention that the BFA has been operating for some time now without a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This is a position we at BCPYL value and take serious. So for an organization like BFA not to have seen it fit to seek a suitable replacement well in time for such a nucleus position is a careless mistake that should not have happened.

With so much qualified Batswana who idle in the streets while we have vacant position for so long raises eye brows and we demand answers. All these happen at the back of some preparation processes for the Zebras for their showcasing at AFCON 2012 and the BFA president did not feel pressurized to find the new CEO in time to facilitate the departure and the participation of our team in Gabon/Equatorial Guinea. The sole reason why the national team was stuck at the airport in Niger after playing its friendly game against Niger was because visas were not prepared in time, something that could have been sorted out if the CEO was there to cross check with other juniors delegated to do this job. We really do not wish that we embarrass ourselves at the Africa’s football showpiece because we have half cooked preparations due to lack of qualified personnel in the BFA offices. The other issue that was made to our attention is that our players usually receive their allowances late. While the renovation of the national stadium is not at all a responsibility of the BFA we do understand that the BFA is the direct beneficiary of the stadium and its president must come out in open and lead the nation in facilitating the rapid completion of the national stadium. By going silent on this issue the BFA president has shown that he does not care about the need to have the stadium up and running in time.

If Mr David Fani does not resign now the BCPYL will forge its support to whomever will contest against Fani in the next presidential elections for BFA and we encourage credible people to declare interest for this post.

On a lighter but positive note the BCPYL encourages all Batswana to declare Friday a Zebras supporters’ day and that all must put on the team’s national colours until the end of the team’s participation in the next year’s football showpiece.

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