Friday, April 19, 2024

BDC General Manager James Kamyuka leaving

The Botswana Development Corporation General Manager (management services), James Kamyuka, is finally quitting the corporation at the end of March.

This will be the end of his one-year, non-renewable contract.

Kamyuka’s exit comes hot on the heels of his boss, Maria Nthebolan, (Managing director) who unceremoniously quit the organization last month. He will be the third to go after Nthebolan and Sametsi Ditshupo, who was General Manager, Business Development.

Kamyuka’s impending departure was confirmed to The Telegraph by BDC spokesperson, Gomolemo Zimona, who explained that BDC employees have already been notified.

“His one year non-renewable contract is coming to an end. He will be leaving at the end of March,” said Zimona.


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