Wednesday, July 6, 2022

BDC managers stay put

Following an ultimatum given to top Management of Botswana Development Corporation to resign or get sacked, all the top executives are now back at work.

There are allegations that some members of the Board now want to resign as they feel frustrated and helpless since they do not have the necessary powers to reign in the BDC executives, who, it is believed, enjoy protection that goes as far high as the cabinet level.

The Board wants to sack management for incompetence.

Under the BDC rules, the Board can only make recommendations to the Minister of Finance and it is the Minister who has the final say.

The current Minister of Finance is himself a former Managing Director of BDC.

Three weeks ago, the BDC Board gave four executives a mandatory leave of absence to allow them space to think whether they wanted to resign or opt for disciplinary action, which carried the risks of being sacked.

After the mandatory leave none of the said managers, who include the Managing Director and three general managers has left.

This has put the Board on the spot as it put into question the real powers of the BDC Board.

The current Board, led by Blackie Marole came in after Minister Ken Matambo removed some of the old board members over disagreements over how a multi-million Pula glass plant in Palapye was progressing. The old board had commissioned an audit and was about to institute disciplinary actions when they were themselves sacked.

It was imagined that the new Board would be more lenient to management.

As it turns out, a new round of disputing possibly involving the Minister on one hand and the Board on the other may be in the offing.


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