Friday, December 1, 2023

BDC sees bigger working relationship with BDSA

Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) says it is vital for the organisation to penetrate the African market in order to extend its pipeline through collaboration with Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA).

Speaking recently at the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), BDC Managing Director Bashi Gaetsaloe said that the collaborative environment would strengthen communities, and offer BDC an important opportunity for success and expansion.

Gaetsaloe stated that the strategic objectives of the new partnership were based and not limited to; establishing a capacity building and exchange programme whose aim is to address gaps and needs, both current and emerging and recommend ways to address them. 

“We are identifying opportunities to strengthen capacity at the national and regional level and lastly project preparation and co-financing of some projects,” he said.

Gaetsaloe is also of the view that the DBSA and BDC alliance will give BDC a competitive advantage and an opportunity to access a broader range of resources and expertise. 

He believes that this relates to the identification, preparation, financing and implementation of bankable infrastructure projects within the republic of Botswana. 

“In the process there will be sharing of information, skills, knowledge, expertise and systems,” he said.

DBSA General Manager International Investments Davies Pwele said from their regional integration it was critical in growing both southern African and the broader continent’s economies. 

He added DBSA’s International Financing Division supports the bank’s regional development and integration strategy aimed at facilitating trade in Africa by investing in infrastructure projects outside of southern Africa. 

He stated it is through providing funding, related products and services for commercially viable and sustainable projects, primarily in the energy, transport, water and telecommunications sectors, which contribute to economic development and regional integration. 

“Supporting project planning and development, advocacy and partnership building for resource mobilization, and we do promotion of inter-regional integration and cooperation between SADC and the adjoining regional economic communities in Africa,” said Pwele.

He further revealed that the DBSA has made funding available for project preparation in the sector as such transport: including road, bridges, air, shipping, rail, ports, and border posts. He spoke of the energy sector including generation, transmission and distribution as well Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

“We are looking forward to innovative funding and the MoU is spelling out our outline in developing the region,” said Pwele.

He is optimistic of supporting  South Africa’s and the DBSA’s regional development and integration strategy, aimed at facilitating trade in Africa by investing in infrastructure projects outside South Africa.


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