Sunday, May 26, 2024

BDF to sack Kalafatis killers

Botswana Defence Force personnel convicted of killing John Kalafatis will be fired from work.
Gotshosamang Sechele, Ronny Matako and Boitshoko Maifala were recently found guilty of shooting Kalafatis to death. He was a suspect in a robbery case.

“Yes, according to the BDF Act, anyone who is convicted of a crime in a court of law is dismissed from the force,” maintained Colonel Paul Sharp, the head of Public Affairs at BDF.

Col. Sharp said the convicted soldiers would be given their terminal benefits as per rules and regulations.

“According to the laws of Botswana and the BDF Act, anyone who has been convicted of a crime cannot be employed in the public service including the Force.”

He said the judgment has not affected the morale of the other soldiers. “They still go on about their normal duties,” added sharp.

The Court of Appeal has endorsed 11-year jail sentence on Sechele, Matako and Maifala.
The fourth one, Dzikamani Mothobi, has been discharged and acquitted.

Sharp said Mothobi will continue to discharge the duties of the army like before.

“He has never been terminated from employment. He remains the employee of the BDF and we are at liberty of deploying him where his military occupational specialty will be needed.”


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