Tuesday, March 5, 2024

BDP Congress adopts the Compromise list

The Botswana Democratic Party in Mahalapye has adopted a compromise model to choose their Central Committee.

The model had been favoured and suggested by President Ian Khama.

Some of the people who were inside the hall say there was no opportunity for the debate, let alone for dissent.

The session was chaired by Khama, as the National Chairman, Daniel Kwelagobe could not because he is an interested party with his name appearing on the list.

Kwelagobe retained his position, while Kentse Rammidi becomes the new Secretary General.

No changes were made to the list suggested by the outgoing Central Committee.
But already there are murmurs that the way the decision was reached did not allow the input of delegates. Apparently, the decision was reached by raising hands.

There are fears that non-delegates, including “observers and tourists”, were also allowed to raise their hands.


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