Sunday, May 29, 2022

BDP grandees fear a public backlash from Motswaledi’s death

Senior Members of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party are said to be working around the clock to avert a public backlash from Gomolemo Motswaledi’s death.

Motswaledi died earlier this week after what authorities say is a car accident.

Information related to Sunday Standard indicates that veteran politician Daniel Kwelagobe and BDP National Treasurer, Satar Dada have been working behind the scenes to convince both President Ian Khama and Vice President Ponatshego Kedikilwe to be more proactive in efforts towards driving the state and the ruling party to show more empathy than has so far been forthcoming.

Dada and Kwelagobe are assisted by a young team of public relations professionals known to be sympathetic to the BDP.

Even before Motswaledi’s death, there were already fears that his United for Democratic Change was on the march and showing signs that it will make inroads into many BDP heartlands.

Now the BDP grandees are fearful that Motswaledi’s death is likely to earn his party even more sympathy votes in the General Elections slated for October.

But so far the BDP has not established any official ways of playing a role in Motswaledi’s funeral.

The situation has been made worse by UDC Youth League who on Friday said they treated Motswaledi’s death as murder.

UDC Youth point an accusing finger at the state agencies, further complicating a situation that was already soiled after UDC leaders recently alleged of the existence of a hit list.

UDC Chairman, Nehemiah Modubule has added that the party sees a mismatch between the accidents and injuries on Motswaledi’s body.

This has fuelled already existing public suspicions of foul play.


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