Friday, March 1, 2024

BDP loses three councilors to the BCP

The Botswana Congress Party welcomed three councilors who recently defected from the ruling Botswana Democratic Party.

The councilors, Samuel Mmadintsi of Lentshweletau East Ward, Michael Mathame of Mogoditshane Central South and Tselayabotlhe Tsetse of Mathubakwane Ward, are new entrants and have been issued with life membership cards at the party headquarters in Gaborone.

In a statement, Kagiso Tshwene, the party executive secretary, confirmed the defection and said “this development increases the number of BCP council representatives in Kweneng district from 3 to 5 while in south east district, the number of the party councilors increased from 5 to 6.”

Tshwene says in 2004, the total number of BCP across the country was 33 and, owing to the success in subsequent by-elections and further defections from both the BDP and BNF, the BCP saw the number rise to a considerable 43 councilors.

Of late, the BCP convincingly snatched the Gaborone Village Ward from the BNF.
That council seat became vacant following the resignation of Nelson Ramaotwana, whose relationship with the party leadership had hit rock bottom, to join the civil service.

“The welcoming of the three councilors is a big boast to BCP. It enhances, in a very big way, the party’s chances of wrestling more from other areas across the country,” said Tshwene.

He added: “The three councilors are men of high caliber and impeccable political credentials who shall, without any doubt, assist the party to mobilize substantial numbers of people to its ranks. Their wealth of experience in political party work and local government administration will prove vital to the BCP’s quest for electoral success in the forthcoming general elections.”


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