Saturday, March 6, 2021

BDP primary elections candidate suspended on allegations of electoral fraud

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) President, Lt Gen Ian Khama has suspended Christian Nthuba from the party on allegations of electoral fraud.
Nthuba was vetted to contest the Gaborone West against primary elections Botsalo Ntuane who is believed to be in the list of those fingered for elimination in the race for vice presidency.

Ntuane is believed to be a strategic ally for one of the contenders for vice-presidency. The decision by President Khama leaves Ntuane unopposed for the party primary elections.

Khama accuses Nthuba of fraudulent activities and electoral fraud, aiding theft and unlawful removal of election material from the party office. He also accuses him of paying of bribes to a member of staff at the party head office as inducement to manipulate registration of membership, voter’s rolls and production of membership cards.

“In exercise of powers conferred upon me as the President of the Party in terms of Article 35.1.5 of the Constitution of the Botswana Democratic Party, I hereby suspend you with immediate effect as a member of the Party for a period of sixty (60) days pending disciplinary action to be instituted against you,” reads the letter.

Khama made it clear to Nthube that his suspension is with immediate effect and therefore his membership rights will cease to exist during the period of suspension therefore automatically disqualifying him from standing as a parliamentary candidate in the coming primary elections.

Curiously many members of the central committee are not aware of Nthuba’s suspension. BDP secretary general, Mpho Balopi who oversees the secretariat said that he was unaware of the suspension; he referred all queries to the chairman of BDP electoral board, Parks Tafa who refused to comment.
BDP chairman, Guma Moyo also said he was also not aware of the suspension. Contacted for comment, Nthuba refused to comment over his suspension.


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