Tuesday, May 18, 2021

BDP receives complaint against The Telegraph columnist

The Telegraph columnist, Sonny Serite, on Friday received a complaint lodged against him by the Botswana Democratic Party’s Secretary for Culture and Publicity Sub-Committee, MacDonald Peloetletse.

In the complaint, Peloetletse accuses Serite, a BDP member with party number 643746, of bringing disrepute to the party, failing to show selfless dedication to the cause of the BDP, and failing to behave with dignity and propriety, thereby embarrassing the BDP.
“He has elected to address his concerns or misgivings through the media, issued public statements on party policy and attitudes without authority and acted against the interests of the party constitution,” read Peloetletse’s complaint.

Peloetletse also attached three newspaper articles, which Serite is purported to have written, one of which reads, “Exposing Nkate and his antics”.
Reference is also made to an opinion piece that Serite wrote in The Sunday Standard issue of December 12, 2009, in which he posits that people should not detach emotion from the constitutional review debate.

“It is no secret that Ian Khama’s presidency has helped a lot in exposing the defects in our constitution.

Perhaps we should thank Khama, for were it not for his unwarranted adherence to our sick constitution, many of us would still be in deep slumber. Khama’s reign has reduced us to the most boring, embarrassing and inhospitable country ever,” reads Serite’s article.

“Both Ian Khama and Nkate have so far made it clear they can’t work with Kwelagobe. Word of advice: if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. You do not possess the leadership monopoly. BDP can still do without you. You do not own the BDP.

You do not have the birth right to lead the BDP, so if you cannot work with other democrats, it is only wise and appropriate that you relinquish your position,” Serite wrote in another article.

This is not the first time that Peloetletse and Serite have squared off in public. The two are known for constantly ripping at each other in a war of words in the media.

The last article Peloetletse brought forward was another opinion piece written to Sunday Standard titled, “Nchindo suicide? Somebody pinch me.”

Peloetletse has cited Dr Comma Serema, Shima Monageng and Olebeng Ngwakwena as persons who can bear witness as to the circumstances surrounding his complaint.


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