Sunday, May 22, 2022

BDP Secretariat hit by spate of resignations

The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Secretariat has been hit by resignations of key staff members at the Tsholetsa House.

In a space of one week, three employees have tendered their resignations, with one confirming that she has not only left her employment but has also quit the party and joined the rival Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD).

Joyce Disoso Pheto, BDP’s Elections Assistant, told The Sunday Standard in an interview that she has had enough of harassment from BDP Executive Secretary, Dr Comma Serema, and has decided to resign from her job and quit the party forthwith.

Pheto said she was surprised to receive a call from Serema on Monday evening asking her where she was over the weekend.

Serema is said to have told Pheto that he had received information that she was seen with BMD members at the Ghanzi rally during the weekend. Pheto said she then told Serema that she was indeed in Ghanzi where she met her friends, who are BMD members, and they offered her a ride back to Gaborone.

Serema didn’t take kindly to Pheto’s weekend outing with BMD members and reminded her that she still had pending issues and was making matters worse by continuing to hang around with BMD members.

Pheto was once suspended from her job after being faulted for her association and constant communication, through Facebook, with BMD members but she engaged a lawyer and was subsequently reinstated without any charges being laid against her.

She confirmed that at some point during her conversation with Serema over the phone, she got angry and told him off.

She said she got angry with Serema for questioning her movements outside her job and for trying to dictate who she should and should not hang around with. Pheto wondered why she was being persecuted for having friends in the BMD when other BDP members, including Serema, are free to associate and socialise with members of opposition parties.

The following morning, Tuesday 26th, after Serema’s phone call on Monday, Pheto tendered her resignation letter and indicated that she was going to serve 14 days notice but Serema allegedly responded immediately and informed her the resignation was with immediate effect, meaning she should vacate Tsholetsa House the same day. Serema is said to have boasted that Pheto’s resignation was good riddance because he was still going to expel her anyway.

Pheto has said she now feels relieved and free to associate with BMD members without looking behind her back. She said she now considers herself a BMD member.

Deputy Executive Secretary/Finance, Kabo Tladi, who was Serema’s deputy, is also reported to have resigned on Thursday just two days after Pheto.

Tladi is said to have been headhunted and employed by BDP treasurer, Satar Dada, as he deemed him neutral and it was hoped he would be the right man to handle the BDP finances without being clouded by factions that reign supreme in the party.

Tladi spent just a few months in his post and is said to have described the BDP secretariat as a complete joke.

The third person to jump ship was Wabone Kalane, who resigned on Friday, just a day after Tladi.
Kalane was Personal Assistant to former Public Relations Manager, Segaetsho Garekwe, who parted ways with the BDP secretariat recently after the party said it could not afford his remuneration demands.

In a brief interview with The Sunday Standard on Friday, Dr Serema confirmed the three resignations.

On being asked if indeed he had phoned Pheto asking about her whereabouts during the weekend, Serema confirmed that he phoned and Pheto had told him that she attended a wedding in Kang but went on to resign the following day.


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