Wednesday, May 22, 2024

BDP Women’s Wing treat the First Lady to a Mother’s Day Luncheon

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Women’s Wing this past Sunday hosted a Mother’s Day Luncheon in honor of First Lady of Botswana Neo Masisi in Gaborone. When giving her welcome address Treasurer at BDP Women’s Wing Orefitlhetse Masire said Masisi’s role as the country’s first mother will ascertain their role in the structures and development of the nation.

“I call on all of us to love her and respect her as you would your own mother. Give her all the support, courage and cheerleading she deserves as our mother,” said Masire. She said she is confident that with the support of Masisi the BDP Women’s Wing will better deal with the issues that have troubled them before. “Challenges like poverty, unemployment and social ills should be tackled and solved by us as women and mothers of this country,” said Masire. She said the purpose of the event was therefore to converge women and mothers of the nation to celebrate the women who were in the ruling party’s women’s wing before them as well as empower those who are currently in the wing. “The presence of our first lady on this day solidifies our unity and represents a mother’s love to her children, she is the reservoir of our nation,” she said. .

For her part Masisi said she was extremely excited to be among all the women who graced the mother’s day event especially those who traveled from outside the capital city to be in her company. “I don’t take this occasion lightly especially as it is on this special day. Without my mother, I would not be standing here. Being the first lady and therefore the mother of the nation is a very heavy title to ever be bestowed on anybody. The relationship I share with you cannot be replaced by any other relationship in the world,” she reassured. She said in honor of the humongous title bestowed upon her, she finally settled for calling herself the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of her family and that by family she means Batswana. “As mothers and women of this nation we should all declare ourselves as CEOs.  This goes for both biological mothers, aunts, step mothers and anybody that falls inside the motherhood basket by being a mother figure to anyone,” the First Lady said.

She says her role as the nation’s first mother is quite amazing as she has become a CEO that does not require any educational qualifications, prior experience or rigorous training. “In all scenarios as your mother I will display sacrifice, great love and patience regardless of the situation we are in. As we celebrate this day together let us not forget its uniqueness,” said Masisi. She said she does not just unfoundedly call herself a CEO. “I thoroughly did my research on what it means to be a CEO and realised that I have actually been a CEO in my own house for many years. As the first mother I seek to establish and maintain my country’s vision. I will set the tone and tempo in the nation, I will respect the rules and boundaries that guide us a nation and lead by example. I will carefully identify the people necessary to support me in moving the nation forward and strive for the wellbeing of everyone in the country,” said an optimistic Masisi.


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