Sunday, September 25, 2022

BDPYL steps up recruitment ahead of elections

The Botswana Democratic Party Youth League President, Andy Boatile, has asked for unity within the party during upcoming activities for 2013 and called for improvement of the recruitment drive for new members.

Boatile told a press conference this week that the youth league would hit the ground running in the run up to next year’s general elections.

He said some intense campaign needs to take place as part of the recruitment. Bulela ditswe is a democratic process but it has brought more harm to the party, Boatile maintained.

“Every political party is free to recruit members everywhere and it is an ongoing process,” he said.

He said that people are free to make their own political choices.

“When we recruit new members we target constituencies we have won, those we lost with small margins and those we did not do well at,” he said.

He also expressed concern that the internal fights within the party are severely affecting it, but softened this by speaking of the massive progress in BDP. He added that the current National Youth Executive Committee has been involved in a number of activities since assuming office. “The main focus is to register as many activists as possible to the movement, penetrate unfettered and virgin territories more especially the opposition traditional strongholds,” he said.

He pointed out that NYEC encourages campaigns with good conduct, respect and exemplary decorum.

“A good leader builds strong mobilization teams and motivates others to deliver according to agreed priorities and also consults with and co-ordinates others to plan and prioritize activities,” said Boatile.

Meanwhile, BDPYL vice president, Charles Majweng, has expressed concern at the rate at which the national examination results have been deteriorating over the years. He revealed that NYEC is conducting its investigations, adding that currently they cannot point a finger at anybody.

“The education JC results issues need to be addressed and also need multi faced approach to deal with it,” said Majweng.


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