Monday, May 27, 2024

BEC toilet joke not funny

The Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) was this week the butt of a curious potty joke, council authourities however feel the prank is no laughing matter.

BEC Corporate Communications Manager Fingile Makgalemele dismissed as false reports that the council is building a P600 000 loo with a view for its Chief executive Officer, Professor Brian Mokopakgosi.

Responding to a Sunday Standard questionnaire, BEC said allegations that they are building a lavish bathroom for their boss are not true and “there is no such development at BEC.”

The examination council further quashed allegations that Prof Mokopakgosi failed to pay excess charges for his pool vehicle following an accident in the BEC premises. “The Executive Secretary has never been liable or even expected to pay excess charges after the car accident.  He was never found guilty of any offense at the accident scene”, states the response.

The council however declined to answer a number of questions on staff salaries and appointments stating, “the Botswana Examinations Council would like to highlight the few facts concerning part of the Sunday Standard questionnaire, as some questions relating to appointments, salary packages or BEC staff remuneration will not be addressed by this correspondence as they are already matters of the Courts.  This office therefore, suggests we give way for courts to rule on them independently.  It is therefore justified to avoid discussing them at this level.”

Responding to queries that the council bought laptops and tablets for senior managers, Makgalemele explained that, “it is important to state that Botswana Examinations Council like all other organisations provide working tools like computers to its employees to be able to perform the Council’s day to day duties, that’s why the senior management has laptops or tablets as they require them to do their work as well.” 

BEC will continue to be a transparent, responsible and will always follow good governance route in conducting its mandate. 

“Secondly, the questions sent to the Board Chairman refer to a report of an audit undertaken by the BEC in 2013. The audit in question was undertaken by the BEC on its own, without being compelled by anyone or even the principal stakeholder. The report was and remains confidential to the Board of the BEC, and there is no immediate plan to share it.”


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