Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Berry Heart wows crowd ahead of single release

Have you had Berry Heart for dinner? Well, i have, and she was delectable. It was well after dusk and the stars really came out to shine, amidst the Milky Way was the woman of the moment, the shiniest star by far, Berry Heart. An enigma in her own right with an interesting story to tell, Heart tells it through her versatile artistic talents. She taken the arts and entertainment industry by storm, and whether you love her, hate her or would love to hate her, she is in your face making statement.

The charismatic artist recently broke social media and shook Batswana – just a little bit ÔÇô after posting an image of her upcoming single CD sleeve, showing her nude. Her nude cover pictures garnered both negative and positive reactions, and on Thursday night she served the dinner at one of Gaborone’s hot spots, the Cigar Lounge. Heart is notorious for a lot of things like daring outfit choices and bold statements against gender based violence.

It was a star studded affair, the kind of red carpet event that we Batswana are used to seeing on glossy magazine and television shows. But thanks to Berry Heart and her team because we finally had it in our very own back yard. Gaborone’s celebrities really showed support by gracing the launch of her much anticipated single featuring probably one of the most talented local hip hop artists who the streets have named ATI.

Overall it was an intimate affair with a few cool people from the entertainment and media industry exchanging pleasantries and knocking down a few cold ones. As Berry’s voice hit the speakers there was an eerie silence, almost surreal then heads started bobbing and booties started shaking. As a poet she did justice to the song, throwing in her native language, Sekgalagadi, and ATI had it soaked in swagger as he brought it home with his Setswana and English unique rap style.

In true red carpet style, there was a lot of black and bling, I guess they did not get the memo that maroon is the new black. The colour of Berry’s figure hugging lacy frock with a high collar well compensated for by the front made her look as good as she sounded.

We will be waiting in bated breath for more of her work in the near future and the single is currently getting a lot of air play on a lot of radio stations.

For a serving of Ms Berry Heart get yourself the CD and indulge in local talent.


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