Tuesday, March 5, 2024

BFA accused of playing hide and seek with Police

Botswana Football Association (BFA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mfolo Mfolo has refuted allegations that the association is playing hardball with the police investigating another fraud case reported this past year.

Information reaching this publication indicates that sometime last year, the association reported a case of fraud to the law enforcement involving monies close to a million Pula. However, according to Detective Senior Superintendent Phenyoetsile Nnanaakoko of Serious Crime Squad, the association has not been forthcoming with details to help them with investigations. “We struggle to get information from BFA officials. The BFA officials are not cooperating with the investigators; they are sending them from pillar to post. They will send our investigators to this one and to another and tomorrow the person is not there. There is no progress,” Nnanaakoko revealed.

Nnanaakoko said complicating the investigations further is the fact that some of the officials who could have information to help them in their investigations are no longer in the employ of the BFA. “The way the case is progressing is frustrating,” lamented Nnanaakoko, who further said he suspects the rot at the association is very deep and only investigations can reveal its depth.

He pleaded with anyone who might have information on fraud cases at the association to come forward and assist the investigations. Though the BFA is not coming forth with information, if push comes to shove, the police can get a warrant of arrest to compel those who are alleged to be holding information to come forth.

Contacted to shed light on the matter, Mfolo said apart from the recent case, he is not aware of any other case of fraud that is before the Police. “We do not recall any case of fraud which was reported to the Botswana Police Service “sometime” last year as per your insinuation. Even in the event that such a case would have been reported it would be inappropriate for us to comment any further if the matter is with law enforcement officers,” Mfolo said.  The BFA chief could not comment further on the suspects implicated and how much was swindled from the association.

As to how many cases the association has before law enforcements officers, the BFA CEO had this to say; “To the best of our recollection there are about three pending matters with law enforcement agencies and I cannot divulge them.”

Mfolo also explained that once matters are reported to any law enforcement agency, the complainant becomes constrained to respond to any questions pertaining to developments on such matters as this might compromise investigations.

“Only the law enforcement agencies can, as and when they see it fit, share such information with third parties especially the media. We hope you now understand our predicament in disclosing any information on matters that are before law enforcement agencies to third parties,” Mfolo explained.

On the allegations that they are not cooperating with the police he said, “Our Office has not received any queries and or complaints from any of the law enforcement agencies pertaining to non cooperation from our side, hence we are constrained to respond to your understanding.”

Meanwhile, Nnanaakoko said he is not aware of any attempt from the association to withdraw any fraud case they are investigating. “It is impossible unless they tried it from the initial handlers of the case. We are on it. Anyone who our investigations are going to reveal that he has done any wrong will face the law,” Nnanaakoko said.


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