Friday, July 19, 2024

BFA dreams of Women’s National League

Botswana Football Association (BFA) is in a historic expedition to establish national women’s league in two years time. The dream is in line with the association’s vision of playing an inclusive sport and promoting gender parity.  BFA’s head of secretariat, Mfolo Mfolo revealed that it has always been the association’s desire to play national league for women like they have national leagues for men.

“We will be embarking on a terrain that the BFA has never embarked on and we need support from the world to partner with BFA to support the initiative and promote women football development,” he explained.

The BFA head said as they embark on the journey, they are aware this will not be smooth. He is however optimistic that with concerted effort the objective of establishing a competitive league will be realised.

“All stakeholders must be involved in order for women football to be established in areas where there are non women football activities. Women football is still at infancy stage and for it grow it must be taken as a community project where all are participating towards the common good,” observed Mfolo.

He further noted that football leadership in the regions, traditional leadership and political leadership must take a leading role in advocating for the growth of football for it to be established in regions and for it to be competitive across the country.

Tswapong and Selibe Phikwe region are the two regions that used to have women teams partaking in organised BFA competitions but they have since vanished.  “This is a draw back because the regions could be far by now with competitive teams and well established women football structures,” he said.

Meanwhile, BFA and DTCB this past week launched its second edition of national women championships competitions with a changed format.  The 2022/23 second edition will be first played in BFA regional blocks before heading to Gaborone for the finals. 

DTCB corporate Affairs manager, Macdonald Motsele said the DTCB is committed to promote and develop women football so that they can also be self sustainable and attractive.

“It is our desire to promote gender parity and as DTCB we believe the partnership will go a long way in leveraging to achieve the gender equality,” explained Motsele. He observed that women football has potential of reaching greatness and to be one of the codes that can bring success if properly nurtured.

The winners of the national competitions will walk away with P250 000.00, runners up P150 000, third and fourth place receive P100 000.00 and P50 000.00 respectively. BFA Technical Director, Tshepo Mphukuthi encouraged all to embrace the DTCB contribution in women development and for all to protect the sponsor so that the partnership can continue with all partners being happy and attaining the milestone they want to accomplish.


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