Tuesday, April 23, 2024

BFA in no hurry to resume football games

Starting football activities anytime soon seems to be an unrealistic expectation, the Botswana Football Association (BFA) says.

There are those who doubt the commitment of the BFA leadership to start football competitions. Allegations suggest that the BFA is planning to skip the 2020/21 season and resume activities in August which will mark the beginning of 2021/22 season.

The BFA dismissed allegations that they are planning to nullify/skip the 2020/21 season that was supposed to have started sometime in February. The allegations fueled uncertainty on the future of the football season and whether BFA is ready to start season any time soon.

BFA mouthpiece, Tumo Mpatane dismissed the allegation: “it is not true that the BFA is planning to nullify or to skip the 2020/21 season. Issues of return to play is the task of the Taskforce committee that is chaired by BFA acting technical director,” explained Mpatane.  

“BFA is not prepared at all to start football.  There is no commitment and intentions to resume football,” observed Benedict Bayani former coach who coached in the elite premier league.

Bayani who once served in the BFA technical committee, observed that without action on the ground, resumption of football activities will remain a far-fetched dream.

“For football to start there should be proper strategy and deliberate intention to financially mobilise the teams because they are financially bankrupt. The BFA must come up with a marshal plan for national leagues to enable them to go back to the playing grounds,” he advised.

He is of the view that BFA should financially support teams playing in the national leagues by giving grants and engaging government to use government buses for transport since they are idling because of travel restrictions.  

Without interventions from the mother body football will not be played in Botswana because there is nowhere they will get money.

“No supporter is prepared to part with his last money to contribute for their teams because they too have been affected and they can only contribute when they are activities,” observed the vocal Bayani.  

By the time the league is going to resume the local game would have degenerated by 10 years – noted Bayani.


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