Thursday, October 5, 2023

BFA plays parallel to other African associations

Following the novel COVID 19 pandemic affecting sporting activities, a decision by the Botswana Football Association (BFA) to end domestic leagues by crowning and relegating teams has emerged to be the most ruthless decision taken by the local football mother body across football federations in the continent.

While 15 of football federations across the African continent have already taken a decision to close curtains on their respective domestic leagues, nine have cancelled the league through a ‘null and void’ action resulting in no promotion and relegation from leagues across their regions and elite league. While six crowned champion, three federations have opted not to relegate clubs from the elite league while the other three federations relegated teams.

Amongst football federations that negated football season without crowning and relegating include the likes of Mauritius, Angola, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Gambia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Liberia and Niger. Cameroon, Togo and Republic of Congo football federations are amongst nations that crowned champions and cancelled relegations to the lower leagues for the season affected by the pandemic while Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda are the only countries practicing decisions alike the BFA.

With decisions taken to cancel proceedings, nations that came to the decisions have since called off both the leagues and up competitions while the local administration has since called off only the leagues and allegations are that the Orange FA cup will be played early next season following a halt when the competition was at the quarter final stage.

Meanwhile, some African nations are preparing for the restart of the league as the Burundian elite league got back in May. The resumption of the league gave hope to some African nations with the likes of the Tanzanian league’s resumption a week ago with spectators allowed in the stadiums as long as they practice COVID 19 measures in place.

However, while reports indicate that some of the Botswana Premier League (BPL) relegated clubs contend to take the matter further, Rwanda Football Federation (FerwaFa) relegated clubs have taken the matter further after losing their case with the local football appeals board. The duo of Heroes FC and Gicumbi FC are reported to be taking the matter to World Sport Court.

The Ugandan football federations falls amongst those fingered of politicking as relegated Proline FC believes they are victims of the country’s football politics.


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