Thursday, April 18, 2024

BFA throws out Tafic complaint

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) has thrown out the window a complaint by Tafic Sporting Club that Mochudi Centre Chiefs be deregistered by the association over allegations that the latter was non-compliant.

This follows a complaint lodged by the Francistown based club complaining against the participation of Chiefs in the 2017/18 BTC Premiership.

Tafic argued that Mochudi Centre Chiefs Sporting Club did not affiliate with the local football mother body, arguing that it was a complete separate entity as it was a trust. However, the BFA has sent a stern warning to Tafic legal advisors that they would not entertain any further communication relating to their affiliates through third parties.

A leaked letter passed to The Telegraph addressed to Tafic representatives, Mhizha Legal states that  “there was a prerequisite for participation in the premier league for the 2017/18 season, all clubs playing in the premier league had to apply for licensing as per the BFA constitution and play rules and regulations.”

The letter further indicates that all clubs had met the set requirements as outlined by the relevant BFA statutes.

“We are of the view that your complaint lacks merit and therefore your request to return your client to the premier league is declined. Please inform your client that we will not respond to any further communication relating to our affiliates through third parties; henceforth we shall not entertain any communication from you on behalf of our affiliates,”  reads the letter.

BFA also advised Tafic that it was aware of the correct channels to follow if they wanted to protest. “Your client is well aware of the communication channels in terms of lodgement of complaints and is herein advised to follow suit.”

The letter added that “even if Chiefs or any other team which attained a higher position than Tafic Sporting Club in the BPL was to be struck off from the premier league (2017/18 season), that would not entitle Tafic or any that would have relegated opportunity to return to the premier league as issues of vacancy within our structures are appropriately regulated.”


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