Wednesday, July 6, 2022

BHC brings environmental health message to Mathangwane villagers

The Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) donated 40 waste bins to Mathangwane Primary School Environmental Health Club in Mathangwane Village, marking the Clean Up the World Campaign Commemoration Day.

The main objective of the donation was to help to sensitize the children and the villagers on the importance of keeping a clean and healthy environment to maintain a healthy living.

Addressing the participants at the event, the Environmental Health officer at the Tonota North Constituency, Tatlhelelo Mokgadi, who was the guest speaker at the ceremony, said that the waste bins donated by BHC will help to fight a lot of littering in the village, making the village a cleaner place.

“We must know that littering is prohibited by the law as stipulated in the Waste Management Act of 1998 section 34(1), which states that a person shall not deposit in any place anything which may contribute to the defacement of anyplace by litter, except as authorized by law or done with consent of the owner or occupier of that place,” Mokgadi warned the villagers.

She encouraged the participants to practice good waste management, adding that it can help protect them from disease-causing organisms and could also help them protect their dignity as individuals and the village itself. Mokgadi also said that the donation of waste bins by BHC should motivate them and they should come up with more initiatives of making their village the cleanest in the district.

“Revised National policy of education states that environmental education should be incorporated into all subjects since it has a key role in education and the general role of environmental education in schools is to spearhead and facilitate the pillars of information, experience and action,” she added.

She concluded by saying that it is also the obligation of every Botswana citizen to desist from environment pollution and engage in expanded training programmes on environmental matters.
The event was held under the theme of “A Clean and Safer Mathangwane towards 2016 and beyond”.

The commemoration of the Clean Up the World Campaign is an annual world-wide event which is held every September and was initiated in the 70’s by an Australian national who had observed that there was a lot of environmental pollution, especially with waste being scattered everywhere.


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