Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Bible month launches in Botswana

Multitudes of Christians from various churches and ordinary members of the public are expected to flock to Galo Mall in Francistown on the 3rd of August this year as the Botswana Bible Society launches the first Bible month in Botswana.

The objective of the Bible month initiative is to advertise the Bible, to unite churches through Bible teachings and to spread Christian teachings to the general public. The initiative also provides Christians from various churches an opportunity to unite and network.

The Coordinator of the Bible month initiative, Allec Utlwanang told The Telegraph in an interview last week that they have declared the month of August a Bible month and Christians are expected to utilize that month to read the Bible and teach members of the public about the Bible.

He also said that during the Bible month, they will be different activities such as pulpit exchanges – where church leaders will visit different churches to share the knowledge of the Bible and preach the word of God.

“Unlike in other countries, in Botswana we only had the Bible week which was held in the first week of August. This year we decided to conform to other countries and we declared the whole month of August a Bible month so that we can bring the Bible closer to the people. Some people do not have access to the Bible so we are using this platform to educate them on the Bible and its importance,” he said.

Utlwanang further said that one of the major objectives of the Bible month is to unite different Christian churches, adding that there is no reason for churches to be divided as they worship a single God.

“We strongly believe that Christians should be united because they worship a single God. We are planning to hold the Bible month annually. During the launch there will be praises, worship, and singing and Bible teachings. We are expecting to host all three categories of churches; the Organization of Independent Churches, Mainline Churches and the Pentecostal Churches and non Christians are also welcome,” he said.

Utlwanang expressed concern saying that it is sad to note that some people do not know the Bible simply because they do not have its access.

“Some people have never seen the Bible and have never even laid their hands on it, therefore this initiative will provide them with an opportunity to learn about the Bible,” he said.


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