Monday, July 4, 2022


The Maitisong Theater was filled to capacity on Friday, as music connoisseurs were treated to a wide variety of local and international talent at the Botswana Insurance Fund Management (Bifm) – European Union (EU) Festival.

Various choirs and musical performances by local and international acts provided a wide variety of artistic choice for the attendants.

The performers’ lineup included the Johannesburg Festival Orchestra, Sedibeng Choral Society, Kgalemang Tumediso Motsete (KTM) choir, Gaborone Music Society, Tshenolo Segokgo, Boyce Batlang, Kago Regoeng, The Three Tswana Tenors, Olga Merker, Andy Batshogile, Matthijs Van Dijk from Cape Town and avid musician, David Slater.

The glamorous concert had a taste of classical western and contemporary choral music, and the audience just could not get enough of the performances.

Bifm has been involved with Maitisong since 2003 and also helped a number of budding artists to grow. Bifm has also been involved in grooming upcoming artists and helping them to break into the international music scene.

Putting budding local artists on stage alongside established classical music artists from outside of the country gives them confidence and drive.

Bifm has been involved with the arts, theatre, culture and music for many years.

The EU joined Bifm as the event’s co-sponsors. The EU together with the Government of Botswana is keen to harness the development of local musical talent and encourage young artists.
A large number of local popular singers are in demand in corporate events. These local singers have done a lot to foster the appreciation of Opera in Batswana. The choirs sung both Setswana and classical western repertoire and a remarkable range of choral music.


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