Sunday, May 28, 2023

Big guns battling for sponsorships

Acquiring sponsorship for a team in Botswana is not always an easy task and teams struggle heavily to cover the costs. This is despite the fact that there are many companies in Botswana that make unbelievable profits.

One wonders whether the problem is with the teams for failing to market themselves or the companies are not willing to come on board.

For instance, in many countries top four teams are the ones that attract sponsorships.

Of the top teams in Botswana, it is only Gaborone United and Extension Gunners that are a little bit better off with their sponsorships while others like, Mochudi Centre Chiefs, Township Rollers, Notwane and Tafic, are still struggling.

The team that is surprising the most is Township Rollers, which always attracts larger crowds at their matches. About two years ago, they were also bankrolled by a cellular company, Orange, to the tune of P1.5 million.

Why they are still struggling to attract more is still mysterious.
Teams now mostly rely on gate takings and when there are no matches, the situation is worse and the players can go for months without being paid their dues.

The spokesperson for Rollers, Seabelo Modibe, conceded that it is difficult to run a team without a sponsorship but added that they are doing all they can to attract sponsorships. He said they are currently in partnership with ‘Sally Dairy’ company to sell pure water and hopefully it will help them financially. “It is difficult to run a big club without money on the table but we are doing all we can as a club to attract sponsorships. We are, however, optimistic that our partnership with ‘Sally Dairy’ will take us somewhere,” he said.

Modibe also expressed concern that most local teams would suffer the most next year during the World Cup that will be held in neighbouring South Africa. He said there is going to be a three and half month break and that means terrible news.

He said if teams had sponsors things would be better off.


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