Thursday, July 18, 2024

BIUST to send 1000 students back home

Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) is planning to send about 1000 of the 1500 students who were admitted by the University back home. Information reaching the Sunday Standard is that the University is planning to reduce the number of students admitted from 1500 to 500. According to an insider, the university is unable to capacitate for the 1500 students for their academic year expected to take off January next year. “I foresee disaster. We are in November and we are moving close to the end of year.

The University’s plan is to take off next year January. We are talking about a situation where even lectures have not yet been recruited; we are talking a situation where students are being sent back home. We are talking a situation where some individuals in the administration like Kebaswele are pressured to vacate offices, we are talking a situation where outside pressures overrule the internal run of the University,” he said.

It is understood that after millions of pula were spent refurbishing the Old Sekgoma Memorial to accommodate students, vested interests scuttled the plan and are now insisting that student accommodation be sourced from Palapye. A BUIST Professor blames the university crisis on poor oversight.

In article on the Sunday Standard In-depth pages, Professor John Stanfield, II states that, “the reason why BIUST has yet to have a Vice Chancellor to come and stay for more than a couple of years is because over time due to poor oversight or due to collusions between board members and BIUST staff, the institution became more of a bazaar than a university with BIUST administrators, staff, and faculty developing cozy ties with private interests and getting subsidies, especially in the area of housing.” Acting Board Chairperson Boyce Sebetela on Thursday addressed the students and parents about the goings on at the university. BIUST, however, denies any plans to change the projected 1500 student intake for the 2014/2015 academic year.

“BIUST has not withdrawn any offers that it has already made to prospective students,” BIUST Manager, Publications and Media Relations Tomeletso Sereetsi told the Sunday Standard.


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