Wednesday, August 10, 2022

BJF appoints sports director

The Botswana Judo Federation (BJF) on Thursday voted for only one position during their Annual General Meeting.
The federation voted for the position of Sports Director which went to Jang Su Kim.

Speaking to The Sunday Standard, BJF President Estony Hattingh noted that they have decided not to change the current committee because of various factors.

“Firstly, the current committee had their plans and mandate they have already proposed and some of their task forces are still ongoing. So we realised it would be best we let them continue for a term of three years in office,” she explained.

She also explained that people have different agendas when approaching an association and if they were to change the current committee, the in coming could come and discard what the previous committee had started, which may hinder the growth of the federation.

Hattingh, however, pointed out during this three year course, should they realize there is one member not duly performing their duties, he or she would be given a vote of no confidence by other members and someone will be appointed to fill in the post.

She stated that the unit they have now is stronger and hardworking and also dedicated in pursuit of Judo growth in Botswana.

“We have created and been given huge opportunities; we are working on to seize with both hands and ensure we have a tremendous impact on the growth and development of the sport over the next four years,” she noted. In addition, she asserted that during the previous period, they have established themselves as an active and productive partner to many and have been rewarded in their funding agreements and in their involvement in key new projects.

She further pointed out that a set back for their development of judo in the country is a lack of coaches, equipment and training venues or a venue for the federation they can call home.

“Currently, our development is focused in a small area of the country and it is our aim to increase our reach this year,” she said.

Besides their major setback, she expressed gratitude to the Primary Schools Association for having allowed them to introduce and coach judo in all government schools in Botswana.

“With the implementation of this programme, the Federation recruited two development coaches March last year to establish development judo clubs and give effective and progressive judo classes,” she added. “Gilbert Portuondo Fiel, 3rd Dan, established the University of Botswana Development Club and Lesedi of which there are already 20 members and Ferdo Dizdarevic, 2nd Dan, coach at Stepping Stone in Mochudi and Phillip Moshotle in Gaborone,” said Hattingh.

She thanked their main financial partners for their loyal support in 2009, the Botswana National Sports Council, The Botswana National Olympic Committee and the International Judo Federation.


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