Thursday, May 6, 2021

BK Proctor: The God-fearing Ultimate Music Man

He wears many hats, and all of them seem to fit him well. When he enters a room, looking polished, one would expect a young man filled pomp and arrogance, but Bokang Proctor, popularly known as BK Proctor, is a humble soul with bountiful talent. He is a performing artist, voice over artist, Samsung Rail Park Store Brand ambassador.

He also owns a 100% citizen owned multimedia production and recording studio (Basement Studio). As the main producer, he takes care of all production and oversees the general business operations. Proctor, who dabbles in all musical genres, has worked with revered musicians such as Stampore, Eugene Jackson, Vee, Zeus, Samantha Mogwe, Tshepo Lesole, Mosako, MMP Family, Scar, A.T.I and Juju boy, to mention a few. He has included some of these artists in his latest and third studio offering, Masterpiece of Duets.

Born 30 years ago in a family of music lovers, Proctor knew from an early age that he would follow a musical path. Considering that he is a self-taught musical artist, Proctor is not doing too badly. “Everything I know is Godly-taught. I am always eager to learn more. I am still learning and working hard to perfect my skill. I invest a lot in myself and my craft,” he says. Proctor got the Samsung deal at a time where endorsement deals were unheard of in the country. “I got a call from the Store Manager asked if we could meet up because they were interested in working with me and my label (Basement Studios). They said I reinforced their brand values, especially since I have many followers and had been an outstanding musician. I want to believe it had a lot to do with what we can do for each other,” he explains.

Proctor believes if the music industry were taken seriously in Botswana it would definitely be lucrative. Right now we have artists/ musicians calling themselves “professional musicians” but work 9-5 jobs on the side. Doesn’t this show that music to them is just a hobby? Our government and corporate sector need a New Attitude towards the music industry because our entertainers are dying broke,” he retorts.

Proctor, who is the oldest of four children, raised by a single parent, was born in Francistown and moved to Gaborone at the age of 13. “I was little rascal in my teen years. But in the midst of all that, I used to write-imaginary songs and write, ‘produced by Bk Proctor’ at the end. It’s like I knew that it would manifest into reality,” he recalls. Although he was overcome with immense grief when his mother passed away when he was only 12, he had the support of loving family to keep grounded. “My aunt and uncle took me in when my mother passed away. I was taught to love and respect people, be humble and take responsibility for my actions from a young age.”

Proctor’s life is reflective of his strong values and discipline. He doesn’t drink or smoke. He is a Christian who fellowships at the Gospel of God’s Grace 3G Ministries in Kopong. He is a workaholic, which shows that his successes aren’t through sheer luck. His daily work routine starts at 9am and ends at 10pm. “On Saturdays I relax and watch movies and cook. Sundays are solely dedicated to church and family,” he says.

Proctor draws inspiration from daily life experiences. “I love the idea of not knowing what God is going to do next in my life. I love what I do in this lifetime because I feel it in my gut that it is what God has put me here on earth to do. I am also inspired by great, talented and gifted people I meet daily,” says the artist. Proctor, who still has many more plans under his sleeve to impact the music sector in the country, would one like to be remembered as the ‘ultimate Music Man’.


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