Thursday, April 18, 2024

BLLAHWU elects new leadership

BLLAHWU, one of the most militant unions in the country, last week in Mmadinare elected a new president and central committee.

The multitudes that thronged Mmadinare village last week threw their weight behind Samuel Kedise, bestowing him with responsibility to lead the trade union as a President.

Kedise rose to the helm of the BLLAHWU after defeating Motelebane Motelebane. The Secretary General, Ketlhalifile Motshegwa, whose secondment was recently revoked by the DPSM before being reversed by the High court proved a heavyweight as he successfully defended his position, beating Gerald Mahumba. The duo garnered 196 and 134 votes, respectively.

The two Vice-Presidential seats (Collective Bargaining and Case Management) and (Leadership Development and Gender) were won by Disang Mokwape and Alice Motshegwe who beating Ishmael William and Alex Mopatane respectively.

Kealeboga Dipogiso was elected Vice Secretary General, while Joseph Lotshwao is the new Publicity Secretary. Nico Motheeletsi is the new National Organising secretary; the treasure general position was won by Yarobi Motswaiso. The secretary for Arts, sports and culture, Mothusi Metsemebedi, and International relations, Golwelwang Mototeteng, were unopposed.

Fresh from elections, Kedise told The Telegraph in a telephone interview that his focus would be on education, to allow the union members to understand the ethos and etiquettes that underpins the organisation.

This he said would help elevate the level of discourse in the union, and empowering member to defend their organisation regardless of their positions.

“My first assignment is to unite the BLLAHWU members to rally behind the new central committee so as to help it to advance the emancipation agenda, thereby averting the atrocities that besiege the working class,” said Kedise.

“Educating the union members will be at the top of our agenda. A multi-layered movement such as ours needs an educated and informed membership. My Central Committee will focus on the education issue right from the grass-roots to CC members. This will empower any member to defend the union at any level,” he said.

For his part, Motshegwa told this publication that their immediate agenda is to instil inspiration in members to continue trusting the union.

“We will intensify the mobilisation and recruitment drive under the auspices of organising the unorganizsd workers. We aim also to architect a democratic space for worker’s respect and rights while bargaining for favourable working environment.”

He explained that there was nothing new except that their mandate had been renewed.

“We are the same cars; just that, we have been rejuvenated. This will help in continuity.”

The Secretary General called on workers to unite, saying they face a united and spirited enemy who is capitalist orientated.
“It is always important for workers to unite because we are facing unforgiving capitalist enemies who are united in their agenda of corruption. Our voices must be united. BFTU and BOFEPUSU must find common working ground either as a federation or confederation. Not only that, private, parastatals and public workers ought to unite. The new central committee will assist in forging that agenda.”

The congress was held under the theme ‘infusing socialism into working class agenda’ and was attended by among others, the Coordinator of AMALGUW-an organisation of Local Government Trade Union in Africa, Mr. Steve Faulkwer.


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