Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Blood Transfusion Centre runs out of blood bags

Blood donors on Friday were left with no hope when they were told the blood bags received by the Gaborone Blood transfusion Centre had a manufacturer’s error.

The National Transfusion Centre had run the whole week with no blood bags.

The blood donors were therefore informed on Friday when they came in large numbers to donate blood that they would be called when the situation had been addressed.

“We have just picked up a problem from the stock we received yesterday that the blood bags do not have the fluid required to mix with the blood as required by doctors. So we are still waiting to consult with the superiors whether we should go on with getting the blood or stop,” said the supervisor at the Gaborone National Blood Transfusion Centre in Gaborone.

Doreen Motshegwa, the Public relations Officer in the Ministry of Health, said that, for a week, they had experienced shortages of blood bags.

“At the moment, I am not aware of any problem experienced because I understand the stock came yesterday and I believe people are donating as we speak,” said Motshegwa. She conceded that there are times when they run short of blood bags but it is not all the time.

Motshegwa said the situation may be caused by large numbers of people who come to donate blood and that has a bearing on the stock. She said, to her knowledge, there is no individual who comes to donate for her patient.

“We all donate and the donated blood is taken to the lab for testing before it is distributed to hospitals.”


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