Tuesday, November 29, 2022

BMC increases carcass prices

The Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) has revealed that the price for a kilogram of carcass has increased from P18 to P23. The price increase comes after lamentations from farmers who said BMC prices were low and unrealistic.


BMC Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Akolang Tombale revealed during a recent kgotla meeting that the price increase was a response to complaints that were raised by farmers about the low prices offered by the Commission.

“Over the years, the BMC has received several complaints from farmers who decried the low buying price charged for a kilogram of carcass. As a result, the BMC has moved to address the farmers’ plight and increased the buying price from P18 to P23 without grading,” he said.

Tombale urged farmers to desist from just rearing livestock but to bring them up for the sole purpose of selling them. He said this will help farmers to avoid incurring losses when the cattle die especially during drought periods. The BMC CEO also highlighted that since inception, the Francistown abattoir has never operated at its 85 percent maximum capacity because most farmers do not sell their cattle to the Commission. He however expressed hope that the carcass price increase will encourage farmers to sell their cattle to BMC.

Tombale also addressing the measles pandemic, which is causing havoc in the Boteti region. As a way of curbing the pandemic, he advised the leadership of the Boteti to erect toilets at waiting rooms. He also revealed that the BMC has lost P56million because of the measles disease. On the other hand, the Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS) revealed that government has introduced a four percent tax on farmers with excess of three hundred herds. Farmers applauded the carcass price increase, saying it will help them meet the costs incurred in rearing livestock.


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