Tuesday, May 21, 2024

BMD holds new Councilors’ rally today

The Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) is staging a massive rally today (Sunday) at Chris Hani Freedom Square in Gaborone West, to welcome a group of Gaborone City Councilors who recently joined the BMD.

The BMD Coordinator-National Mobilization, Kabo Morwaeng, confirmed the launch of the 10 new BMD members.  

Morwaeng told Sunday Standard that the BMD is on a countrywide mission to attract new members to the movement. He said the 10 new councilors who joined BMD this year and last year made a bold decision to build BMD. According to Morwaeng, some of the new councilors include Nunu Lekau and Keitumetse Gabonewe of Gaborone Marulamantsi and Sekgwa Wards.

Morwaeng stated that since last year after the formation of the BMD, several councilors have defected from the ruling party and other opposition parties to join the BMD. He stated that they expected more and more politicians from others different political affiliations.

“As a party, we strike the right cord with the masses and people accept our message and we believe in democracy,” said Morwaeng.

He added that BDP councilors who were undecided on whether or not to cross to BMD have now bade their old party farewell after seeing the impact of BMD.

Morwaeng said that this will be the time to evaluate the opposition umbrella coalition and explain it to their members. He stated that the party leadership will also elaborate on topical issues such as the recent report by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies on Botswana and the ANC Youth League’s position on Botswana.

Morwaeng said they are expecting more councillors countrywide to join their party. 

“This is the beginning and we want to change the lives of Batswana and we are ready to deliver,” said Morwaeng.

Meanwhile, South East District Council (SEDC) Chairperson, Lobatse Farms, Councilor Anne Joubert is reported to have rejoined the BDP.

She recently confirmed her new membership in the BMD, a party which she said by then made her feel free to express herself and to be the voice to the voiceless.  

Joubert rejoined BDP a month after she joined BMD. Another Member of Parliament, Tati East’s Guma Moyo, has also recently resigned from the BMD, saying that he wants to concentrate on emerging business opportunities.

Some of the politicians expected to address the rally include BMD President, Gomolemo Motswaledi, Botsalo Ntuane and other notable members of the BMD. 


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