Thursday, June 20, 2024

BMD implements leadership competency framework

The Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) has found ways of developing the party leadership qualities after conducting a capacity building workshop supported by the United Kingdom’s Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

Addressing the media on Monday, Tamsin Hewett, former Head of the Liberal Democrats’ Candidates’ Office, said the leadership framework is a tool for development, which can be used to screen people in order to see their strong points. She highlighted that it is objective and a democratic way of working with people.

She added that it is best for BMD to have a list of qualities of a leader in order to fit the right person for the job.

“BMD is on the right track and it is not far from realizing its dream and we are here in solidarity for the building of the party leadership,” she said.

She highlighted that effective communication is important and added that a good leader listens and appreciates different viewpoints. She stated that the leader also presents a professional image, and has the ability to appropriately adapt communication style to different audiences, taking account of social-economic and cultural differences.

┬á “A good leader builds strong mobilization teams and motivates others to deliver according to agreed priorities and also consults with and co-ordinates with others to plan and prioritize activities,” said Hewett.

Councillor Austin Rathe, Deputy Head of Campaign Development for the Liberal Democrats, pointed out that a good leader radiates positivity and inspires hope in others.

He added that the leader remains calm under pressure and also demonstrates an ability to overcome obstacles.

“Defection is associated with dynamic political change and it is an ongoing process. This is an era of political change,” said Rathe.

He further stated that most of the opposition parties have resources crisis, which is a challenge across the world.

The BMD chairman, Nehemiah Modubule, stated that the party is ready to implement the framework strategy which the Botswana People’s Party (BPP) and Botswana National Front (BNF) will also benefit from. He said the competencies that the BMD will use include effective communication, integrity and credibility, advocacy and service, building support as well as vision and strategic thinking.

“Common task is to build and extend the support, influence and electoral success of the Botswana Movement for Democracy,” he said.

The Capacity Building workshop, held in the shape of a Leadership Development seminar, was attended by BMD leaders and activists as well as local political partners.


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