Friday, September 22, 2023

BMD members demand Special Congress to remove Mangole, Modubule

Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) Member of Parliament for Mogoditshane, Sedirwa Kgoroba has said members of BMD in the Southern District are demanding a Special Congress to remove party Chairman Nehemiah Modubule and Party Secretary General Gilbert Mangole from the National Executive Committee (NEC).

Over the weekend BMD Vice President Wynter Mmolotsi accompanied by the party Chairman, Modubule and other members of the Executive Committee addressed party meetings in the Southern District where members called for a special congress to remove Mangole and Modubule from NEC.

According to Kgoroba the meeting was part of presidential tours to be addressed by the BMD leader Ndaba Gaolatlhe and his Deputy. The intention of the meetings is to address the party nationwide on the stalemate the party finds itself in as a result of defiance by some in the executive against the leader.

Central to the tour will be divisions in the party and leadership over whether or not to allow Sydney Pilane back into the BMD.

Kgoroba said the party took a decision to consult members and ask for advice on how to go about the issue.

“The Vice President narrated to the members what went down since this issue started until now. At this point members suggested that a Special Congress was an option and it should be called where a decision to remove Modubule and Mangole from the NEC will be taken,” said Kgoroba.

According to Kgoroba, BMD Chairman Modubule was present at the Kanye meetings and he took the message with his both ears. He says the meetings were addressed in Lobatse, Goodhope Mabule, Moshopa, Kanye, Mmathethe, and Molapowabojang.

“Members of the BMD in the Southern District are clear; they say Modubule and Mangole should be removed from the NEC,” emphasized Kgoroba.

Modubule on the other hand is believed to be claiming that the meetings were unconstitutional.

“But there is nothing unconstitutional of a meeting addressed by the President or Vice President of the movement anywhere in the country,” said Kgoroba.

Asked to comment on the said meetings Modubule laughed and said, “I do not know what it was, ask Mmolotsi, I only heard that there was a BMD meeting in Kanye then I went there. I can confirm that there was a meeting there that I was not aware of but I attended it. It was a BMD meeting so I attended because I am a member of BMD,” said Modubule

He said he sat and listened but refused to divulge what was said at that meeting to this publication.  

“It wasn’t my meeting if it was my meeting I would be telling you what I was addressing members about.  Ke moleko fela mo nna ke go boneneg. I have no further comments,” he said.

Meanwhile BMD Presidential tours are expected to reach other parts of the country in the coming weeks.


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