Friday, May 20, 2022

BMD’s hopefuls dust off their boxing gloves

Lobbying for leadership positions in the opposition Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) has begun in earnest ahead of the party’s inaugural congress slated for March next year.

In terms of the interim BMD constitution the congress shall meet, among others things, to elect a host of party functionaries ÔÇô the President, deputy President, National Chairperson, Secretary General, deputy Secretary General, Treasurer General, deputy Treasurer General , National Organising Secretary, National Policy Director and 20 additional members.

The Telegraph can confirm that lobbying for leadership positions is at an advanced stage. At its convention held in Palapye, the party is understood to have resolved that to avoid instability the lobbying should not be conducted overtly as it could distabilize the party’s efforts to set up structures.

Not surprisingly, the party’s interim chairman, Gomolemo Motswaledi, and BMD spokesperson, Sidney Pilane, are being touted for the party presidency. The possible clash of these two has raised speculation that the contest might transform friends into foes.

On the second lane only Botsalo Ntuane’s name is murmured as a possible contestant for the position of deputy President.

Lobatse legislator Nehemiah Modubule is being courted for the position of party chairman. Modubule is likely to contest this position against Pilane whom some party members are lobbying to contest again as Chairman if his bid for the Presidency falls through.

Businessman Lindi Maripe is being touted as a possible contestant for the position of deputy Treasurer General.

For the position of General Secretary only two names emerge ÔÇô Gilbert Magole and another legislator, Wynter Mmolotsi. The two are likely to face each other, although Mmolotsi’s name is being mentioned frequently for the position of deputy secretary general.

Guma Moyo and Kabo Morwaeng are expected to be endorsed unchallenged for the positions of Treasurer General and National Organising Secretary, respectively.

As things stand no one is being mentioned to possibly lead the party’s policy desk. The interim policy Chief, Ndaba Gaolathe, has indicated to the interim leadership and those lobbying that he will be unavailable as a contestant for any leadership position.

The party agreed at its convention held in Palapye that the lobbying should not be open to avoid causing instability.


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