Wednesday, June 12, 2024

BNF gives Duma Boko the green light to stand

The Botswana National Front (BNF) is likely to be dragged to court by its disgruntled members to explain why Duma Boko has been allowed to contest the position of party president at an elective congress scheduled for next month.

There are a number of party activists who feel strongly that there are still outstanding questions about Boko’s membership status.

On Monday, the BNF Central Committee, which had initially disqualified Boko from contesting for the post of party president, climbed down on its decision.

Boko had been disbarred after the central committee ruled that he had not been a BNF member long enough for him to aspire to be party President.

Last week, Boko indicated that he had at last found his lost membership card, which was issued to him in 2003 by the then party secretary general, Akanyang Magama.

At the forefront of attempts to stop Boko from standing for BNF President is a BNF youth, Thuso Mogorosi, who has accused Boko of faking his membership card.

Mogorosi says Boko’s membership card is not genuine because it belongs to a deceased former party activist, Freddy Keeremang Goepamang.

By Monday, the BNF Central Committee summoned Boko, Mogorosi and Magama to appear before the party leadership.

It is understood the meeting, which lasted until 12 o’clock midnight, resolved that Boko’s membership was valid after hearing and assessing oral testimony from Boko, Mogorosi and Magama.
At the time of going to press, BNF publicity secretary, Moeti Mohwasa, was not available for comment.

In a separate interview with The Telegraph, Mogorosi indicated that his next stop would be the High Court.

“It is not a genuine membership…I am going to file an urgent application to interdict him from contesting the elections,” said Mogorosi.

He said that he was disappointed with the central committee’s position on the issue as he had furnished the party leadership with enough evidence to prove that Boko should not be allowed to contest the elections.

“I have given overwhelming evidence that his membership is bogus,” said Mogorosi.


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