Wednesday, March 22, 2023

BNF launches political education classes

The Botswana National Front Youth League (BNFYL) President Kagiso Ntime has announced a party school for political education programme, which has been in the party programme of action.

Addressing the media on Friday in Gaborone, Ntime said BNFYL is simply fulfilling its promise and desire of returning the BNF to its roots. He said political education is not only imperative for imparting knowledge to members, but also instills confidence in cadres. Ntime stated that the desire of the BNFYL has always been to create a base revolutionary, radical and militant cadre.

“The classes will start in Gaborone first and later will spread to other constituencies,” said Ntime.

He said they will achieve a lot if they have a detailed programme of educating each other within the movement. He added that they will have more vicious and courageous members if they are armed with solid political discourses. Speaking at the launch, Ntime revealed that the lessons will operate from Tsogang primary school in Gaborone North constituency every Saturday of the first week of each month and every Saturday of the third week each month.

He said the classes will have various facilitators drawn from their pool of seasoned cadres, especially party veterans.  He stated that the BNF political education syllabus will be used and other material will be prepared from time to time.

“We wish to indicate that the study group is open to all BNF members as well as members of the public who are willing to be part of our discourses,” said Ntime.

He stated that the BNFYL school will also serve as a platform for debating socio-economic and political issues affecting the country, the continent and the entire globe.

He added that debate is an integral part of pursuing the National Democratic Revolution (NDR).

Ntime cited the late founding leader and political icon, Dr. Kenneth Koma, saying that debates are healthy in shaping discourses and in informing strategies and tactics. Ntime stated that the BNFYL believe that it is most opportune moment where the political landscape is characterized by confusion and uncertainties.

“The education system is in shambles and corruption is the order of the day, especially organized white collar corruption by those in the high echelons of power,” said Ntime.

Meanwhile, the BNFYL is expected to hold a dinner on the 3rd December at which the guest speaker is expected to be Dick Bayford. Ntime added that in building momentum for the dinner, there will be a memorial public lecture in honor of Dr. Kenneth Koma.


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