Friday, January 21, 2022

BNF Southern Region joins Moupo’s brigade

With negative media publicity piling against the embattled Botswana National Front leader, Otsweletse Moupo, and his law firm, the party’s Southern Region has pledged unequivocal support on the side of their leader.

The region joins the Northern Region, the National Women and Youth Wings who have also offered their president unconditional support.
Shawn Ntlhaile of the Southern Region (which has seven constituencies) said today that unless the party Congress decides otherwise, the region continues to endorse Moupo as the leader and president of the Botswana National Front.

“Let it be known that unless otherwise decided constitutionally at Congress level, Comrade Moupo still remains the leader of the Front as expressed by popular majority support endorsed at Ledumang 2004 National Congress,” said Ntlhaile.

Ntlhaile continued that, while the Southern Region recognizes Moupo’s personal problems could impact positively or negatively on the party, “until the latter obtains there is no need to build mountains out of ant hills and claim prevalence of leadership crisis within the BNF.”

Taking a swipe at the media for “claiming to know more about our party than we do”, Ntlhaile urges the general BNF membership to be “bold and vigilant against the enemies of the masses.”

Moupo’s problems worsened two weeks ago when some members of the BNF executive committee urged him to relinquish his position after his law firm failed to submit audited accounts with the Law Society as demanded by the law.

Since then, various BNF camps have been campaigning for the heart and minds of the ordinary members.

So far Moupo is ahead of his detractors in rallying the ordinary membership behind him.

The other region that has come out in support of Moupo is the one that has mmadinare, Bobonong and Tswapong constituencies.

Moupo’s soaring support comes just at the time when party structures in Gaborone South constituency summoned the area Member of Parliament, who is also BNF Secretary General, Akanyang Magama, to explain his position on the matter.


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