Sunday, June 23, 2024

BNF to investigate MPs

The Botswana National Front (BNF) leader, Duma Boko, is moving to have Members of Parliament (MP) who represent his party account for their actions following last week’s attempts to oust Leader of Opposition in parliament.

Boko said what happened in parliament last week is inconsistent with the resolutions of the party adopted last month that the position of Leader of the Opposition be alternated between BNF and the Botswana Movement for Democracy and the BNF since they have an equal number of MPs.

┬á“There will be an investigation. That investigation will seek to find out why the development happened. How it happened. ┬áThe measures that will be taken┬áwill be determined by the outcome of the investigation,” Boko said. ┬á

The Botswana Congress party (BCP) was initially blamed for the attempted coup but it has since emerged that the BNF sought support from the party to remove Botsalo Ntuane and replace him with Isaac Mabiletsa. 

“The BCP team in Parliament was approached by the BNF asking us for our support as their leadership has decided that they should take over as leader of opposition. We agreed to support them and added our signatures to the letter they had written to the Speaker. In terms of the rules of Parliament, no party qualifies to be designated as main opposition and provide leader of opposition. It is, therefore, for the opposition collective to decide who should lead them. There are 17 opposition MPs, 11 want Mabiletsa to take over as their leader. Those who support values of democracy should have no problem accepting the will of the majority. It is a matter of time, the will of the majority will have to prevail, as it has always prevailed in the past when the majority wanted Ntuane to be leader of opposition,” Saleshando posted on Facebook social network.


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