Saturday, May 8, 2021

BNF’s Mohaswa roasts BDP in Mandunyane

Racing towards the tail end of the October general election campaign, Botswana National Front publicity secretary and candidate for Selebi Phikwe West, Moeti Mohwasa, attacked the ruling Botswana Democratic Party for its kid gloves association with the British colonial administration.

He gave the example of Tati Company in Francistown when addressing a rally at Mandunyane in the Tonota constituency. He said the BDP has failed to improve the lives of Batswana since independence, leaving them to wallow in extreme poverty.

“Independence should not just be a flag, but should be something that is in reality and every one can feel it,” Mohaswa said.

Mohwasa promised to eradicate poverty especially among the youth who are roaming the streets ending up in criminal activities.

He said in South Africa, the African National Congress (ANC) had brought tremendous change to better the lives of South Africans in a short period. He said wealth was amassed in the hands of the few in Botswana.

“Botswana has a very small population if you compare it to most of the countries in the region, if resources where evenly distributed, most people would not live impoverished lives,” he added.

He urged the youth to vote, and further projected that BDP in the Tonota constituency had realised that BNF had become a threat, and therefore it was very important that they soldier on to defeat the ruling party in the constituency.

Former Member of Parliament for Gaborone North and the parliamentary candidate for Tonota South, Michael Mzwinila, said: “In 2004, I stood elections against Pono Moatlhodi. I came out a victor but I never went around defaming him or blemishing his image.

“BNF has a vision to improve the lives of Batswana and I am very optimistic that there will be more developments in the Tonota constituency,” said Mzwinila.

He said the BDP was deficient of ideas so it depended on ideas from the opposition parties. He said he wrote a letter to the Office of the President for the youth to be trained in business skills and it happened.


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