Sunday, July 14, 2024

BNPC and BOBS sign MOU

In a welcome a development that is likely to bring meaningful interventions into Botswana’s economy, Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC).

The marriage between the chief promoter of standardization and quality assurance to the country’s leading promoter of productivity consciousness is set to take the country to a higher level in matters of productivity, standards and quality.

Speaking at the signing ceremony Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration Ticky Pule said the new development conforms to the presidential directive that mandates BOBS and BNPC to collaborate on matters of productivity, quality and standards.

The MOU provides for sharing of information, resource training programmes, common access to facilities and joint research and advisory services. Additionally the agreement calls for the establishment of a joint publication on issues of mutual interest and integrated marketing and awareness campaigns.

The agreement also mandates the two institutions to work together in implementing youth mainstreaming activities that are designed to sensitize young people on issues of productivity, quality and standardization, which are building blocks for innovation.

“It is our expectation that this MOU will serve as a framework for the two institutions to develop joint programmes and interventions around the complementary demands for greater productivity and quality assurance,” said Pule.

She said the need to appreciate and enhance the link between productivity and quality assurance was evidenced by the findings of the World Economic Forum’s Latest Global Competitiveness Report.

The report has revealed that though the country continues to perform relatively well in some indices, there is still much to be done in the areas of customer focus and the ability to supply quality goods and services.

Pule said there is urgent need to improve the country’s overall competitiveness. This as the country endeavors to grapple with the challenge of global economic downturn and the likelihood of significantly diminished revenues from the production of raw diamonds.

On the same note Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry; Maxwell Motowane said the two institutions can have collaborative programmes as their mandates are complementary.

Motowane commended the MOU saying “It is a measure that keeps up with government initiative of promoting greater efficiency in the performance of all of country’s parastatals and public institutions.”


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