Tuesday, July 5, 2022

BNPC implores Ntlo ya Dikgosi to lead the way in enhancing productivity

Director of the Botswana National Productivity Centre, Baeti Molake, has called on Ntlo ya Dikgosi to lead by example in efforts to enhance service delivery and productivity.

“As a nation we are still confronted by the same whispers of lack of service delivery and productivity in the public and private sectors which is disturbing us countrywide,” said Molake on Monday in addressing Ntlo ya Dikgosi members.

The Director of BNPC added that for the country to prosper economically and compete with its peers across the world, service delivery, productivity and service experience should be at the fore of every institution.

Another grey area Molake indicated is the deteriorating level of work ethic.

Good morals and virtues displayed by the employees should also form part of the working system, he said.

Perhaps the reason Botswana is lagging behind in both service delivery and productivity could be attributed to the country’s tendency to copy developments from other countries forgetting indigenous and traditional aspects Batswana have lived with for generations.

“Americans have their own dreams. Even the Chinese and Japanese developments are centred on their own individual national characteristics,” Molake said, adding that Botswana’s vision of developments could be in trouble because it lacks the blend of Setswana characteristics.

The eradication of poverty by the government should have Setswana culture, with the BNPC Director identifying Ntlo ya Dikgosi as the suitable saviour of the situation because of their cultural orientation.

For his part the Chairman of Ntlo ya Dikgosi fell short of piling blame over the leadership which brings about policies without consultations.

“The problem is created from above. If the drivers of the country bring about policies without consultations with the ordinary public such policies will obviously not resonate well with them,” Puso Gaborone said.

Gaborone said their aim as Ntlo ya Dikgosi is to see Botswana develop in tandem with Setswana culture.

Ntlo ya Dikgosi will for the five days be engaged with BNPC at their campus on training for development and management strategies after which on Monday it will be officially opened, preceded by the choosing of the new Chairperson and the Vice.
The House will thereafter discuss government bills, motions and questions by Dikgosi .


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