Saturday, December 9, 2023

BNPC outlines strategy for 2016

The stage has been set for the realisation of the Botswana National Productivity Centre’s (BNPC) vision as a catalyst for transformation of the country’s economy.

 A meeting of stakeholders was convened last week by management to set in motion the process of formulating a definite roadmap with a view to taking the institution through the period between now and 2016 by way translating the vision into tangible outcomes for the nation. 

 BNPC manager for information and research, Dabilani Buthali, says successful execution will rely on the collaboration of employers, the labour movement and government. 

Buthali pointed out that whatever ideas are espoused by the plan should be in synch with the interests of the tripartite.

“As of now, really one doesn’t expect much that will drastically alter the outcome of the report as presently constituted,” Buthali said. However, mention was made of the need to interact closely with some of the thematic sectors of the stakeholders, such as the Public Sector Reforms unit in Government, before finalizing the report.

Certain aspects of the implementation of the public sector reforms as agreed upon with government are outstanding.
Further, it was revealed by the BNPC’s evaluation of previous plans that small and medium scale enterprises have a difficult time meeting their obligation to settle nominal consultancy fees charged by the centre.

┬áGiven that these charges were relatively conservative and affordable but still a hassle for SMME’s to manage, need has also be cited to meet organisations like CEDA and LEA.

 The purpose of meeting with them would be to share the findings relating to the bottlenecks the SMMEs.

┬áThe potential of SMME’s according to the BNPC officials remains largely unexploited, a factor which if given due consideration could contribute immensely to the broadening of the country’s economic base.

 Against this background, it would be ideal that where possible alternative arrangements are identified, in which both BNPC and other relevant stakeholders could enhance the
improvement of the SMMES.

 It was stated that after completion of the one-on-one interaction with all the outstanding thematic sectors of the stakeholders as shall be determined by need, the consolidated report will then be handed to the Board of Directors.

 It was indicated that, empowerment of staff and institutions in the country will represent the best mode of preparing for attainment of the ideals envisaged by the Vision 2016 roadmap.


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