Thursday, June 13, 2024

BNSC elevates Radisele sport with P5.7 million 

Botswana National Sport Commission (BNSC) promises to improve and build sport facilities across the country so that there are optimal gains. The sports body says facilities must be maintained in order to develop and achieve desired results.  

The BNSC chief executive officer (BNSC CEO), Tuelo Serufho, guaranteed this to the Radisele community during the ground breaking ceremony for the development of sport facilities at Radisele Secondary School.  

The P5.7 million project includes construction of football courts (futsal), volleyball courts and ablution blocks. 

“The community must play a big role in making sure that the sport facilities within their localities are taken care of. The society should help the school in maintaining the facilities for mutual benefits,” says Serufho. The BNSC boss noticed that often the facilities in schools are neglected and dilapidated which leads to more financial losses in rehabilitating them. 

“The people must come once in a while to see where the schools kids play sport and if they are not satisfied they must hold the authorities accountable,” said Serufho.

“For the facilities to have long life span and for sport to achieve the desired results they must be maintained, hence the need for the community to take part in overseeing them. 2I implore you to take part in the upkeep of the new facilities that we are building,” he said.

For sport to thrive and for kids to be given optimal performance they need support from parents and community they live.

“Kids must be academically supported during competitions so that they don’t miss out on their school work. It is up to sports leaders and parents to demand that whenever kids are on national team camps/trainings they must have tutors who teach them after trainings so that they don’t lag behind in their academic journey,” he said.

The village chief, Shathani Mmereki applauded the BNSC for choosing Radisele as on one its sport centres of excellence.

He said: “The facilities you are building are going to improve on the image of the village. They will also motivate teachers and kids to do more in brining the results. We commend your efforts to develop sport in the country.” 

The village chief observed that the new facilities came about at a time when the school was excelling in sport performance. Radisele is the centre for sport excellence for volleyball and football.


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