Monday, May 20, 2024

BoBA executive unperturbed by coup rumours

Botswana Boxing Association (BoBA) Public Relations Officer (PRO) Taolo Tlouetsile has dismissed rumours making rounds that his committee is facing potential ouster from office.

Speaking in an interview, the BoBA PRO said as the current executive, they are focussed on fulfilling the mandate their affiliates had tasked them with.

“Rumours are rumours,” Tlouetsile said dismissively.  “The committee has been elected by the affiliates. The affiliates chose this committee to lead them for the next four (4) years, the affiliates trusted us with their vote and through engagement we are reshaping the sport of boxing,” the BoBA PRO said.

Asked whether there have been any signs of discontent among BoBA affiliates, Tlouetsile said as far as they are concerned, there is no such.

“Which discontent? We hold Interclub tournaments as planned and clubs do participate in good numbers,” he said.

The BoBA Pro also denied there were any rifts within the current committee members. He said as a committee, they are working together ‘to take boxing to greater heights.’ “That takes team work, which we do have,” he added.

Contrary to recent criticism from the committee’s detractors that boxing has regressed, Tlouetsile is of a contrary view.

The BoBA PRO said when they were voted into office, they were campaigning to save boxing, something which he said they are doing. He said instead of opposing, people should come on board to help them take the sport to greater heights.

On the suspension of the BoBA vice president technical Dirang Thipe, Tlouetsile said the matter has been referred to the disciplinary committee (DC).

“The DC will meet soon and advice accordingly. What I understand is that the VP is suspended pending DC,” he said.

Still on taking boxing to the next level, Tlouetsile said the current BoBA executive has successfully managed to draft a strategy to lead local boxing to the year 2028.

He said the strategy documents will soon be compiled and then shared with BoBA stakeholders.

Meanwhile, while the BoBA PRO is denying there is unrest, this publication has gathered that those seeking to topple the current executive committee have already found a club to sponsor the no confidence motion on the executive.

According to a source, fourteen (14) clubs have already shown willingness to support the no confidence motion should it be passed at the oncoming BoBA Annual General Meeting (AGM).

“For the motion to be successful and the current committee voted out, we need only 12 clubs to vote for it. So, the numbers we have mean we have crossed the threshold needed to successfully vote out the current committee,” the source revealed.

According to the source, discussions are ongoing as to who should be elected to take over once the current committee has been voted out.

“We have to ensure that whoever we bring in to replace the current committee should be coming in to add value. We have decided on candidates for some of the positions but we are yet to decide on a few others,” the source concluded.


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